Anastasia Bezrukova, Founder of Minori, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Anastasia Bezrukova, Founder of Minori Minimal Makeup Line, to discuss her journey with the brand with its simple but beautiful line of products. The mission of Minori is to revolutionize the consumer world by simplifying the overflow of products that go to waste. Anastasia understands that consumers may have anxiety working with brands because of new products consistently presented to them. So, she went to rectify that issue and innovate the relationship between brands and consumers; thus, Minori was born!

“It was such a long path which I think is common for most entrepreneurs. I started off my career in a field as far away from the beauty industry as you could imagine. I studied finance and started off by being a commodity trader. So, I bought corn, soybeans, and wheat from industrial farmers. So, completely in a different scope of work. But I made my way into learning how to buy from buying commodities, to becoming a buyer in the food industry, and then making my way into being a buyer in the retail space. So, I started off in Toronto, Canada at ecommerce company starting off with personal care, sexual wellness, and then move my way into beauty. Finally, I became a buyer at Sears (before they collapsed) and worked with giant companies and saw what big beauty looked like. (Bezrukova).

Being a commodity trader gave Anastasia the idea of the entrepreneurship side and the consumer end of the business world. She would soon go into beauty, matching consumers to products based on their needs at Espy. But she noticed that much of the products produced were not thoroughly used and caused tremendous waste. More than that, she saw that consumers would go for simpler products, which opened her eyes to what they wanted in their beauty routine.

“To me the big AHA from the product side, was seeing that beauty products that women tend love the most were always the most basic, simple, elegant one. It is like when you look at lipstick range and you have twelve different shades it is always going to be that gorgeous mauve that is as close to your natural lip color as possible. Because on an everyday basis when you wake up in the morning and you are getting ready you are going to lean for something that you feel comfortable in….That was like though my buying days and my days at Espy I saw that elegant verse of colors that were much more natural looking that made our skin look healthy, glowing, and fresh and that did not make us look over done that was the type of makeup most of us want to wear daily.” (Bezrukova).

This discovery made Anastasia not only ensure consumers received the products they wanted but also promote the idea of minimalism to cater to the everyday person. Furthermore, Minori ensures the quality of products and stops their over-production. As a result, the brand is at the center of the leaner and greener movement of the beauty industry, tackling waste and producing results!

“I think our industry is so used to constantly innovating and pushing growing through units and creating things that will make you stop scrolling on Facebook when you see an ad with a flashy color, and you might buy it, but you won’t necessarily use it on an everyday basis and to me this was such a disappointing fact about our space and I wanted to bring a brand to the world that did things differently.” (Bezrukova).

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