Annie Krighbaum and Rebeacca Zhou, Co-Founders of Soft Service Skincare Podcast Summary

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2 min readSep 26, 2021


Ekta talks to Co-Founders of Soft Services Skincare, Annie Kreighbaum and Rebecca Zhou about their company and how they got started and what their company’s message is. Annie and Rebecca met when they both worked at Glossier and they found that when they put their heads together, they got a lot of great work done. They bonded as co-workers and friends over their personal struggles with body acne, which led them to starting their business Soft Services Skincare. Rebecca says “Beauty is our love language as humans” which is part of the reason they wanted to expand the market for body skincare and create products to help different skin types, all while making sure that the right products end up in the right hands.

The friends emphasize how important it is to them that their customers don’t buy products that won’t help them but that they buy ones that will and their easy to navigate website is a great tool that helps the customers do that.

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