Brilliance of Beauty Exclusive Podcast Summary: Gina Lucania

This week Ekta talks to Gina Lucania, the first guest on one of our new segments titled
“Brilliance of Beauty”. Gina currently works with Alo Yoga and is a graduate of Cornell
University. She specializes in Global Sales as well as Wholesale and Beauty at Alo. Her entrepreneurship skills and introduction to beauty was from her mother who was in the
advertising space in the 70s and the 80s. Her father was a businessman and she feels that she owes some of her knowledge and success to the lessons taught to her by both her parents. Gina also talks about the taboo in the workplace in regards to the inequality between men and women in the workplace but she credits that there is definitely change happening and it’s an amazing thing for her to be a part of that change. She also talks about the ageism dynamic in the beauty and fashion world, in both positive and negative ways, sometimes you won’t get taken as seriously as someone else just because you’re younger which shouldn’t be the case, everyone can learn from everyone no matter who they are. Gina offers key advice to young professionals that want to climb high in the beauty industry and discusses the glass ceilings that exist for women in the corporate world. Gina also offers her perspective on how aspiring professionals should approach their career paths in the intensely competitive world of beauty and also discusses her role at alo and the path that has led to it.

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