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2 min readSep 19, 2022

Having money and fame doesn’t mean you will be able to create a skincare line that outcompetes others.

Marketing is not superior to science.

Money without scientific vision is useless in this category of beauty and the pursuit of making a “quick buck” only shows the lack of knowledge and understanding one has about things that are far more complex than having cute packaging or a following of ill informed consumers.

To all of the brilliant derms and skin health experts out there, I applaud you for your pursuit of knowledge and understanding of skin science. However I frown upon your support of celebrities that continue to be the face of their brands that are created on the strength of your knowledge and decades of training.

My podcast is known for interviewing the true brains behind beauty for a reason. I have no interest in the scripted explanations of a celebrity who has not done the work and due diligence behind their brand, but rather has leveraged the expertise of top PR firms and brilliant innovators in science and technology.

I urge celebrity founded skincare lines to shine a light on the minds behind their “coveted” brands and show the consumers who they should truly be looking up to when it comes to answers about their skin.

I see this type of marketing as a form of fraud and injustice to the community of science and technology and it is my sincere hope that one day we will stop supporting such misinformation and misuse of social platforms.

Let’s bring the spotlight to science and keep it off the irrelevant public figures that have become famous for their looks (which again are because of the hard work of their master makeup artists and stylists).

Science is not a playground for all, but rather a door keeper for truthful insights that contribute to the evolution of our understanding as a population.

I hope to see a lot more chemists and doctors with multi million followers and a lot less of celebrity endorsed BS in the coming years when it pertains to skin health.

Author: Dr Ekta Y. MD MBA MS

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