Celeste Hilling, The Founder of Skin Authority, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Celeste Hilling, the CEO, and Founder of Skin Authority. Although her beginnings were in research and technology, Celeste knew she could make tremendous strides in skin care. The experience of her family members being diagnosed with cancer, a genetic disorder she inherited, gave Celeste the importance of caring for and understanding the skin and its role in our overall health.

“I have a research & technology background, but I belong here! And the reason I say this is through my own family being diagnosed with cancer, a genetic disorder that I inherited. So, I was driven to be an ambassador for the health of myself & the people of my family…what could we do to help everyone stay well on this journey.” (Hilling).

Celeste’s study of Vitamin D and its functions in the immune system, along with research centers, gave her the push to not only learn more about the skin but to pass on this information to consumers, which other brands do not often achieve.

“The more I learned about Vitamin D & its overall function in our immune system and health, and the fact that it’s made in our skin, not just a vitamin…I became obsessed with this idea that skin was so much more than what we peel, pluck, shave, or tattoo that it’s essential to how our immune system functions and makes one of the essential components.” (Hilling).

The goal of Skin Authority is to not only assist with skin health and wellness but to educate consumers on their skin and the scientific factors that play their role in each product. Celeste understood that many consumers lack education in skin care due to the complex scientific language.

“I think the beauty that I bring to this after all these years is that I went into every lab and said talk to me like I’m three years old. Do not use the five syllabi vernacular that you love to use because it sounds smart but break it down. If I were explaining to my three-year-old why this mattered and this was life or death, what would I say? Over the years, we’ve mastered how to take this thing that can seem very complex and highlight the simplicity of living through your skin.” (Hilling).

Celeste believes that Skin Authority is revolutionary in the study and understanding of skin and the relationship between a consumer and the brand they trust. She wants to encourage consumers to research not only brands but the overall goal of understanding the skin and its purpose.

“To me, this is the most exciting field we could be in, or we might be able to impact. But we are still an industry that thinks about goo and moisture. I’m not saying we shouldn’t, but if you’re going to lather something on your skin, what is in it that will put us closer to wellness? I think that’s a huge opportunity for our industry overall and the corner of who we are at Skin Authority.” (Hilling).

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