Celeste Lee and Lorrie King, Co-Founders of Caire Beauty, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Celeste Lee and Lorrie King, the Co-Founders of Caire Beauty. Celeste goes into detail about how she joined the beauty scene a bit later in her career, she was working in a completely different industry, finance, but was offered a chance to use her creativity and skill
in the marketing area of the beauty industry. She was then offered a job to become head of
marketing and she hasn’t looked back since. Lorrie talks about her second job which was at
Bloomingdale’s, working the Yves Saint Laurant counter there and it’s where she fell in love with beauty and it’s where she realized that she had missed that human interaction as opposed to her finance job where she just worked with numbers and papers. She decided to go full time into
beauty and both women have since launched very successful careers. Caire Beauty is all about feeling beautiful no matter your age. After meeting with scientists to truly understand how and why skin aging changes after 40 and again at the onset of actual menopause, they realized there was an opportunity to really educate and empower modern women by empowering their skin with science-backed, clean formulated, hormone responsive skincare solutions.

You can listen to to full episode here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1HHMAbEu6cYPafIKj1H5Jz?si=BqiP4iEPTI6n7hSrHoKhDw

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