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This Sunday Self-Care Special, Ekta talks to Cynthia Ruiz, renowned author, award-winning Professor, and Personal Development Speaker. Cynthia dives into the true meaning of self-care, its vital role in our daily lives, and the unfortunate reality of our society lacking in the idea of self-care importance. But more importantly, she points out how we all have the same desire for happiness and acceptance, but the world pushes forth continuous division.

“Unfortunately, in the United States, we’re so polarized, people just want to be right instead of saying as a person living in the United States, let’s find out where our commonality is. We have much more in common than we do differently. We all want to be happy, provide for our families, and have good lives — and I’m very grateful to be in a country where I’m allowed to do
that. But I’m also disheartened to see so much division where there shouldn’t have to be.” (Ruiz).

Cynthia believes in the empowerment of and uplift of everyone but especially women. She is a woman who understands the difficulty and the strength it takes for someone of her ethnic background and gender to thrive in American society. As the future seems so uncertain for many, she believes this is a time more than ever where we must show love and peace to each other.

“Why is women empowerment so important? It really comes back to my basic Cherokee belief — we should live in harmony and balance. For the last several hundred years we’ve been out of balance because men have been in control. So, I believe that by helping women, and when women rise, we’ll get to the level where we’re at balance with men.” (Ruiz).

The core of Cynthia’s work is not only about being a voice for those who are silenced but helping others see our connections to each other and the world around us. She believes that it is crucial for us to come together and show compassion and love for ourselves and each person we encounter on our life journey.

“We need to show up as love, we need to show up as compassion, we need to show up and support each other. That’s how we overcome all this craziness.” (Ruiz).

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