Daniel Isaacs, Research Director for Medik8 Skincare, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Daniel Isaacs, Research Director for Medik8 Skincare. Daniel’s brother, Elliot Isaacs, is the Founder of Medik8 Skincare, which is how Daniel began working there. Daniel studied Chemistry in college, which has boosted him to the career he has today. “Elliot had this vision in the very early days of Medik8, Where he was trying to create this almost impossible hybrid of a brand that could have all the ethical values and the natural values, while using his own scientific background.” (Isaacs).

The brand’s main value is to demystify the world of skincare, which was something that Daniel was very on board with and loved the idea of. “At the time, it was for people to find information and find products that were having an impact on the skin’s health” (Isaacs). The work they’re doing at Medik8 is revolutionary. They are taking down the barriers of the skincare world by providing pure scientific information to audiences.

“We were doing our research into truly effective ingredients, and combinations and concentrations. There was no secret out there, we looked at all the dermatology journals trying to find a miracle cure that kept being promised by big brands. There is no secret, just effective ingredients” (Isaacs). This brand is one that the skincare industry needed!

Author: Remy Vidal

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