Dr. Anthony Rossi, Dermatologist & Founder of Dr. Rossi DERM MD Clean, Clinical Science, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Dr. Anthony Rossi, Dermatologist & Founder of Dr. Rossi DERM MD Clean, Clinical Science. Dr. Rossi was always fascinated with the transformation of people but, more importantly, the health and wellness of the skin.

“I grew up with two hairdressers as parents. It was amazing to see them interact with their clients and see how they transformed people. So, dermatology seemed like a natural extension for me.” (Rossi)

As Dr. Rossi works with many cancer patients and those who suffer from skin sensitivity, he wanted to create a line that would not only improve skin health but ‘clean’ products.

“I also deal with a lot of patients that are undergoing cancer therapies & because of that, their skin is very sensitive and inflamed… that led me to think, there’s not really a great medical grade skincare that’s also formulated ‘clean.’” (Rossi).

He wanted to create a line that not only has results but revolutionizes the formulation of skin products without taking the time and care to do it.

“What we’re seeing is that more and more products come out of the same ingredient, and yeah, that’s fine, and that’s great, but we want innovation, and innovation takes a while. This line, for me, took years to make because it’s hard to change the game; it’s hard to change the minds of chemists and manufacturers. So, it took a lot of back and forth, trial and error, and tinkering with all the formulations to get the right concentrations of ingredients and that aspect of feeling.” (Rossi).

The goal of each product of Dr. Rossi DERM MD Clean is not only to cater to all types of skin but to reduce the ingredients that cause sensitivity many consumers see as a cure-all due to popular brands.

“I was looking for a medical grade skincare line that gave real results but also was extremely gentle that wouldn’t induce sensitivities or have chemicals that dermatologists know can cause common skincare allergies! So that is where it all birthed from!” (Rossi).

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