Dr. Kim Nichols, Board-Certified Celebrity Dermatologist, Podcast Summary

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2 min readJul 27, 2022


This week Ekta talks to Dr. Kim Nichols, Harvard Trained Board-Certified Celebrity Dermatologist. Dr. Kim always knew her path would be in medicine, transforming people and positively impacting their lives.

“I’ve always wanted to be a doctor; I was one of those kids who watched the doctor shows, and already at 6–7 years old, planning my path. By Med School, I was interested in Plastic Surgery, I liked the fact that I was hands-on, and it could really change people’s lives in any way.” (Nichols).

Dr. Kim’s journey into dermatology would not begin until her year in medical school when she went through many Plastic Surgery procedures and realized that she might want to go on a different path.

“I was on rotations during my third year, and there were a couple of Plastic Surgeons in the OR doing an emergency treatment, and I thought that’s probably not the life that I want. So, I thought, how can I get the hands-on treatment and improve people’s confidence, and what field would do that for me without those kinds of surgery hours and late nights? And Dermatology really fits the bill. That’s how I got into it; I’ve been thrilled with it ever since.” (Nichols).

Dr. Kim loves working in dermatology because of the lack of drastic surgical procedures and because she can not only help a client have healthy skin but to learn the functions of the skin and grow to love their natural beauty. She also wants to cater to the average person who can’t go out and buy the most expensive products and go through countless brands wondering why products do not show any results. She is also halting myths and tricks to skin health that our social media-based world constantly blasts in our faces.

“I think our role as Dermatologists is to be the skin experts because there’s so much information that people are getting fed from all the social media; we all have the drawer of products. Really, I see my role as installing the information and giving the science because there’s a lot that’s not necessarily the right information.” (Nichols).

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