Dr. Macrene Alexiades, Founder of Macrene Actives, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Dr. Macrene Alexiades, the Founder of Macrene Actives. She holds three Harvard degrees, a BA in Biology, an MD and a PhD in Genetics; 25+ year research background; and runs her own esteemed Park Avenue private practice in dermatology and laser surgery, a research clinic, and a lab focusing on anti-aging skin care, acne, skin cancer, and lasers. Alexiades emphasizes that because of her dermatology practice, she sees the results from the skincare products on a daily basis as opposed to someone just reading statistics on paper in a lab, she feels she has an advantage working with patients in the field. “I find that it’s hypocritical when companies claim to be clean, and to be using plastic jars or plastic tubes…I urge the industry to practice what they preach.” (Alexiades). She serves on numerous medical boards,
conducts FDA clinical trials for Allergan and research for Lancome among many other pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies. She recently was awarded the Richard E. Fitzpatrick Award, the top laser prize for her research at ASLMS. She is Assistant Editor for the journal Dermatologic Surgery and Senior Associate Editor for the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, and Editor & Reviewer for over 15 journals.

You can listen to to full episode here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1wnsHuSaLAvjf02D7pM0Iu?si=e9f84526923745d8

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Exclusive look into the beauty industry via interviews with entrepreneurs & industry professionals. https://linktr.ee/Skincareanarchy

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Skincare Anarchy

Skincare Anarchy

Exclusive look into the beauty industry via interviews with entrepreneurs & industry professionals. https://linktr.ee/Skincareanarchy

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