Dr. Sharad P. Paul, Founder of Skin by Dr Sharad, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Dr. Sharad P. Paul, MD, Skin Cancer Specialist and Founder of Skin By Dr. Sharad. Dr. Sharad has a background in Plastic Surgery, but after moving from his home of England to New Zealand and Australia, he noticed the high rate of skin cancer around the world and its cause.

“My original training, my residency, was in Plastic Surgery; I was born in England, my parents moved to India, and now I’m in New Zealand. When I came down to New Zealand and Australia, we have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world, largely because of the fair-skinned population, with the highest UV index, so we have very many incidents of skin cancer.” (Paul).

Throughout his 10-year research and study of clients, he was able to view the skin from a surgical point of view and how the skin’s natural elements play into effect.

“I guess the second part of my research that was groundbreaking was one, from a surgical point of view, looking at how Collagen and Elastin interplay when we operate on patients. The other one is really the skin of color and the melanization of skin. The myth of race, and how we’re all the same and how skin colors evolve, it’s some of my real interest in medicine.” (Paul).

The core of Dr. Sharad’s study is not only to learn how the skin can affect our well-being from not only the outside elements but how we care for the inside as well.

“I’ve been in skin practice for a long time; it’s now 25–26 years. I think my main realization from dealing with many skin conditions is that you can’t really have bad health and good skin. That’s the philosophy behind my work, being as non-invasive and non-toxic and as healthy as possible, including when you’re creating skincare.” (Paul).

The idea of the Skin By Dr. Sharad line is not only to change how consumers see how the skin ages but to make sure to improve products as Dr. Sharad and his team continue their study into skin health and cancer prevention.

“If you’re using researching, you’re keeping up with the trends, but you’re also leading the way, and you’re innovating. So, you’re changing your practice; some of the stuff I’m doing now isn’t stuff I knew before.” (Paul).

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