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2 min readApr 30, 2022


This week Ekta talks to Echo Sandburg, Brand Ambassador for Elta-MD. “The founder is an entrepreneur and he went to Switzerland and discovered the initial product in the line, and it was a healing ointment that had been used and passed along. He was able to work and bring that product to the U.S.” (Sandburg).

Sandburg talks about how important sunscreen is to our skin health and how more people should take it seriously. “A key reason people will not protect themselves, and the numbers are pretty shocking, is because you have that white-cast, and no one wants to have that feel and look on the skin..”

“He realized there was an opportunity to further improve and develop the product and starting from the original healing cream, he launched the brand ‘Elta Medical’ at the time and it was a medical skincare line at the time which was dispensed at hospitals and medical facilities across the U.S.”

“Moving from the wound care and skincare products and having that expertise, helped the team at the time to take that expertise and start to expand out.” (Sandburg). From the original sunscreens, the brand began to grow into what it is today and the huge amount of success is because of their amazing customers.

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Author: Remy Vidal

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