Emily H. Rudman, Founder & CEO of Emilie Heathe Beauty, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Emily H. Rudman, Founder & CEO of Emilie Beauty. Emily’s journey into cosmetics began in her childhood, and her fascination of beauty and self-care continue to grow.

“My journey has been a long one. It’s been almost 30+ years in the making. As a kid, I knew very early on that I just loved beauty, I used to always get into my mom’s stuff, and I just really loved the creativity behind it.” (Rudman).

Although Emily was not exposed much to the beauty industry in her youth, she noticed that the beauty community did not often discuss the importance of the design and art of cosmetic products.

“I didn’t know how to get into the beauty industry from a corporate side because it wasn’t something that had a lot of visibility. My mom was a lawyer, my dad was in finance, and I always thought I’d go to school for liberal arts and get a banking job or something, and then eventually, I could go work in beauty. There wasn’t a lot of talk about the creative.” (Rudman).

She wanted to create a brand that not only draws in the consumer for its functions but the design that makes it something different from brands at the front of beauty.

“We really wanted to create these superior essentials where every product felt like superhero products.” (Rudman).

But, more importantly, she wanted to produce safe products for consumers through proper research and formulation of ingredients.

“The company that we work with now, which is now one of the biggest in the world, does a lot of brands; not only do they know a lot about the formulation and what goes in, they actually won’t put things into nail polish; they don’t consider clean either.” (Rudman).

The tremendous success of Emilie Heathe Beauty is from Emily’s continuous care for the consumer and their needs but also working to be a brand that shows consistency in the value of each product.

“We wanted products that would last a lifetime, that had that longevity and wearability,” (Rudman).

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Authors: Remy Vidal & Jasmine Boskent

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