Emma Lewisham, Founder of Emma Lewisham, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Emma Lewisham, the Founder of Emma Lewisham. Emma started her line when she was trying for a baby and realized through her doctors that what she was putting on her skin wasn’t the best product that she could be using. Emma is very passionate about natural products but she also takes her platform to speak on the damage this industry does to the planet.

“The other thing that I could see, was that the beauty industry was in need of changing fast. Every industry that runs a linear model, has to be disrupted and changed if we are going to reduce the enormous amount of waste that’s ending up in our oceans. When it comes to the beauty industry, it produces 120 billion units of packaging annually, and the majority, 100 billion of that packaging isn’t being recycled. It’s ending up in the landfills being burned or downstreamed in our oceans. Fundamentally, that’s just not a good design. Our packing production is the largest carbon emission in the industry and the research to move to a recyclable model would reduce carbon emissions by a whopping 50%.” (Lewisham).

Emma speaks on the importance of knowing what we as beauty and skin care enthusiasts put on our bodies because there are some ingredients and products that can do more harm than good. For example, When Emma was asked by her doctor what she’s putting on her skin, she answered with “Hydroquinone” which is an ingredient that is now banned in some countries.

“When I went looking for the natural alternative, what struck me was there was natural skin care out there, but they weren’t challenging the traditional products. They weren’t showing that they had science to back it up, that it wasn’t a compromise to use natural skincare. That really intrigued me.” (Lewisham).

You can listen to to full episode here:

Author: Remy Vidal

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“THE SKIN AUTHORITY” (CEW) Exclusive look into the beauty industry via interviews with entrepreneurs & industry professionals. https://linktr.ee/Skincareanarchy

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Skincare Anarchy

Skincare Anarchy

“THE SKIN AUTHORITY” (CEW) Exclusive look into the beauty industry via interviews with entrepreneurs & industry professionals. https://linktr.ee/Skincareanarchy

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