Hyram Yarbro, Skincare Influencer and Co-Founder of Selfless by Hyram Skincare, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Hyram Yarbro, A Skincare Influencer and the Co-Founder of Selfless by Hyram Skincare. Yarbro, widely known as “Skin Care by Hyram,” is an American skincare
expert and digital creator. Dubbed “The Gen-Z Whisperer” by the New York Times, Hyram
quickly shot to fame in 2020 through his viral videos on TikTok — growing from 100,000
followers to 6 million in just 4 months. Best known for his videos giving brutally honest brand reviews, critiquing celebrity skincare routines, reacting to his follower’s skin transformation videos, and now his very own global skincare brand, Hyram has established himself as an authoritative figure in the beauty space. With a combined following of over 12 million, Hyram is a trusted, go-to source for his wealth of knowledge of the skincare industry. Known for his affordable product recommendations, brands quickly began to take notice of the “Hyram approved” stamp of approval and has since become one of the most sought-after players in the skincare space. Hyram’s primary goal continues to be empowering his viewers through skincare
education, positivity and a sense of social responsibility. His skincare brand “Selfless by Hyram” has had wildly popular success and is carving a new path for everyday skincare.

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Exclusive look into the beauty industry via interviews with entrepreneurs & industry professionals. https://linktr.ee/Skincareanarchy

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Skincare Anarchy

Skincare Anarchy

Exclusive look into the beauty industry via interviews with entrepreneurs & industry professionals. https://linktr.ee/Skincareanarchy

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