Indie Skincare’s Rising Star, SIMPURE Is Raising the Bar for Industry Wide Standards Ft. Annabell Catania, Founder of SIMPURE, Podcast Summary

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2 min readOct 7, 2022

In this episode, Ekta sits down with Annabell Catania, Founder of SIMPURE, to express her journey into formatting a new meaning of skincare with Indie Luxury. Annabell’s journey has courageous and humble beginnings as she was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer at age 26, which made her want to understand the chemistry behind products we use for such a sensitive and essential area: the skin.

“I had stage 3 breast cancer at 26, and after five surgeries, a double mastectomy, and several amounts of Kemo, I finally got better. But in that process, I learned a lot about toxins that we put on our skin all day long without even thinking about it. And one in particular was a natural deodorant that I wanted to create.” (Catania)

Through her journey of studying the skin and how the products we use daily could drastically affect our health, she found that her deodorant was a primary culprit in the progression of her illness and possibly the pinpoint of its beginnings.

“We did a study on me, and we found that my antiperspirant defiantly affected more than likely, they can’t say definitively that my breast cancer started in my right armpit and moved to my right breast, and so that’s scary.” (Catania).

From there, Annabell decided that something must change within skincare to produce products that are effective and safe for the skin and our overall long-term health. Thus, SIMPRUE was born and is a leader in combining luxury with science!

“That was my baby product we still have it and it’s a top seller. And from there we started another line, which was just aroma therapy. I really wanted to use essential oils in plant extracts to replace normal things that we use all day long. Whether that’s a bathroom spray, a room spray, a linen spray, etc. Just all of these things that we don’t think about that we use and were just continually adding toxins. So that was huge to me!” (Catania).

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