It May Be Time To Widen The Luxury Lens To Include Emerging Entrepreneurs, The “Indie Elite” Of Modern Luxury Beauty.

For decades the western world of beauty, fashion and media has captivated the souls of billions of people worldwide. Trends , Designers, Luxury, Couture are all words we have learned to believe represent the sophistication of our innovations and advancements as society.


How many times have you bought a $100 product that had a label on it made out of $5 material that came from unknown labor mill from unknown geographical location?

How many times have we bought the label because it was all we could see from the looking glass of luxury we have grown to adhere to as a differentiator in our social environment.

Well it may be time to readjust the lens and step back for a more detailed view. The word on the street around indie beauty is surprisingly sweet and the brands are getting exponentially more sophisticated by the season.

For example, recently I had the immense honor of interviewing a collection of brands introduced to me by the magnificent Lynn Power, all of which were spanning the major categories of beauty including Lynn’s own brand MASAMI in the Haircare category (huge fan btw ).

I am still astonished at the talent and quality that was present throughout the group of products I had the privilege of testing.

Long story short, it was easy to see that luxury was no longer in the labels, but rather in the subtleties.

The feeling of finding a brand that utilizes local ingredients grown on the first farm in our country to become certified for a major agricultural milestone in beauty (CBD) is just WOW. That feeling of true luxury, I realized, was here and in a very coveted way, something that was to be discovered.

The romanticism of luxury products has always been the biggest drawing in point for me, personally speaking as a consumer.

Seeing a shift in what we as consumers consider true luxury is very interesting in beauty and skincare because of this evolution of our mindsets. The deeper we look into something , the more we find to appreciate. The modern , intellectually savvy consumer will start to look for the true “quality” based on their heightened understanding of a product/brand.

In reality, the lens hasn’t just widened, but the depth and focus have also shifted into a deeper look, a more magnified mindset towards what we “collect” as consumers and covet on our vanity.

What are your thoughts? Leave them below and let’s keep this going.



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