Jan Nordstrom Arnold, Co-Founder & Style Director of CND, Podcast Summary

Join us for Manicure Monday! As Ekta sits down with Jan Nordstrom Arnold, Co-Founder and Style Director of CND, to discuss her and her family’s contributions to nail care and art with their revolutionary brand. Jan’s father believed in the power of science within every aspect of life and instilled that same mindset into her siblings!

“Growing up as kids. My dad always had a laboratory in the garage after he left his patients at the dental office. He would go into his laboratory. I remember as a younger kid. He would come up with his own mouth rinse, toothpaste, and sell lotions and potions… Thank God he had five children. Because we were his guinea pigs.” (Arnold).

Through her father’s legacy in beauty science, Jan could apply the consistency of science-based products to the nail care industry to promote the importance of nail health and awareness in the beauty space.

“One other legacy that really drives this entire team is one of the principles my dad always preached. Which was: ‘we always honor the substrate of the natural nail.’ Meaning we never want to destroy that natural substrate in an attempt to elongate, transform, decorate, illuminate….it’s always nail health, nail protection, and really caring for the nail.” (Arnold).

Jan understands that science is at the forefront of every beauty product and nail care is no different. In fact, she wants to encourage consumers to focus on science-based brands and products and invest in the best for their beauty health.

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Authors: Jasmine Boskent & Remy Vidal

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