Jessica Richards, Founder of Shen Beauty, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Jessica Richards, Founder of SHEN Beauty. “SHEN is a very different concept, we’re very small, we cater to somebody who wants to come in and wants to have that full face of makeup and by all means we sell the products for it, but I would say our core consumer is one who wants us to go along on their journey and help them every step of the way.” (Richards). She is the powerhouse behind Brooklyn’s premier beauty destination, SHEN Beauty. “I believe that skin is your best makeup, if you have good skin and if you treat it well” (Richards). After graduating from FIT, Richards worked as a stylist for VOGUE and Moda Operandi before transitioning to her passion project — connecting consumers to products that fuel beauty. Richards saw the unique opportunity in the clean beauty space, as the store would be the
first of its kind in the metropolitan area that offered a quintessentially cool, curated range of effective, niche and luxury beauty products. “Beauty is so sensorial, you need to feel it, touch it, smell it, experience it. If you buy something and you don’t like the smell of it, you’re not going to use it. The texture or the color might not be right for you.” (Richards).

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