Joyce Bonelli, Celebrity Makeup Artist & Creator of Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiques, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Joyce Bonelli, Celebrity Makeup Artist, and Creator of Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiques, a luxury cruelty-free line of products to produce beautiful skin at a great price. Joyce’s goal with this line was to focus on skin and create products that promote skin health by protecting it from everyday makeup wear.

“I just wanted the most delicious serum ever that would take the place of primer as that first layer of product you put on after a clean face. It is so important that its not a primer.” (Bonelli).

After working with many clients suffering skin irritation due to primers, Joyce wanted to create something that was not gentle on the skin but leaves a fantastic base for makeup as well.

“I formulated this to be full of hyaluronic acid, it is so hydrating, and then it also penetrates immediately so that its amazing under your makeup, any formula or makeup. It will not coagulate; it will not peel.” (Bonelli).

Although she works with mostly celebrity clients, she wanted to cater to the everyday person that wears makeup to have their skin protected. But with that, she made sure the ingredients were simple and not time-consuming to apply and maintain, not to mention affordable for all.

“I put everything I have into it, just to keep it simple, affordable, gorgeous. Just sitting on your counter, it looks amazing, let alone the functionality behind each one. All four products have hyaluronic acid; its so important to continue to hydrate, hydrate.” (Bonelli).

The success of Cosmetiques is due to the core foundation of Joyce’s belief in promoting natural beauty, building confidence, learning, and loving our skin.

“Beauty is really from within and your mindset; that’s where it starts. If you’re gorgeous, but your head is down to the ground, your shoulders are down; you’re just depressed looking. Its like you’re excluding that.” (Bonelli).

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