Laura Geller, Beauty Icon and Creator of Laura Geller Beauty, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Beauty Industry Icon and Creator of Laura Geller Beauty, Laura Geller. Laura is a very well known and well established figure in the Beauty Industry, Celebrating her 25th year on QVC as a top selling entrepreneur. Geller went to cosmetology school and found
that she was very interested in makeup but the school she was in was more solely focused on
teaching hair instead of makeup. The owner of the school she attended took a liking to her and
took her under his wing, eventually finding the right course for her to take. She took this course
and at first it wasn’t what she expected it to be, the course focused more on the anatomy of the face and bone structure as opposed to lipstick shades and types of blushes. She speaks fondly about how she got her start in this industry because she believes this course gave her the knowledge she needed to stand out and make products that had that “It Factor”. Geller speaks on
the beauty industry as a whole as well and says that she thinks the space is overcrowded yet there is room for everyone as long as you make good products and you are consistent with your consumers and their wants and needs.

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