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This week Ekta talks to Laura Meyer, Founder, and CEO of Envision Horizons, an Amazon Solutions company. Laura has been part of the world of business even through childhood, working with her father in his hardware store in her home state of Michigan. As a result, she knew how to run a successful brand and cater to clients needs as the consumerism and economic world consistently changed. So, she would soon bring her skills to Amazon Corporate as part of their Media group.

Through her years of working with Amazon and other firms in advertisement and retail, Laura found that many businesses on Amazon needed assistance in the retail of their brands, which brought her to form Envision Horizons. She wanted to make Amazon a less stressful and more cohesive system for businesses to collaborate with, no matter the company size.

“I grew up working in my dad’s local hardware store in Michigan, and I really wanted to set out and build a business that, whether they be emerging or larger, embrace the change that was coming, and we see now, with Amazon being such a powerhouse.”(Meyer).

But that was not her only ambition. She also wanted to change the idea that corporations like Amazon are monopolies aiming for solo retail power and economic control. I think it’s very easy to label it as this big, bad business. There are so many micro-economics that have sprouted as a result of the Amazon opportunity itself.” (Meyer).

Although Laura understands large corporations such as Amazon have their issues, she believes that the assistance of Envision Horizons opens the door for Amazon business partnerships to grow push forth profitable brands.

“I think Amazon has shifted their mood in terms of being a bit more supportive of sellers. There are still frustrations that can occur, they get a bad rep of not being very supportive of their sellers, but in many cases, it doesn’t matter what retailer you work with. If you’re a smaller business in their total catalog, the retailers will do what’s in their best interests as well. They have to prioritize tasks that will align with their
shareholders.” (Meyer).

Laura advises small and large businesses that are working or plan to collaborate with Amazon but, more importantly, promote growth in the beauty sector. She knows the Amazon system inside and out and understands what it takes to stand out among a company with a competitive retail circuit.

“53% of my active portfolio that I manage on Amazon is within the beauty sector. Not only do I know Amazon really well, I know Amazon Beauty very well.” (Meyer).

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