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This week Ekta talks to Lena Philippou-Korres, The Founder of Korres. Lena and her husband began this journey by creating their own natural remedies Pharmacy in Athens, Greece. “People were coming to find us [Their Pharmacy], not only from the neighborhood or the city, but all over Greece, even from other countries because we had an amazing expertise developing all things natural…From herbal teas to ointments, anything you can imagine, we were doing it.” (Korres).

They had customers locally as well as ones who traveled from other countries to buy their products. Their business became a massive success. “Before we ever did any beauty products, we were doing more than 3000 herbal remedies, so we know those ingredients inside out. I can easily tell you how each ingredient works, and how it works on the skin and sometimes those two actions are very different.” (Korres).

They had one customer who said, ‘Guys, I found my remedies with you, you do everything for me, why can’t I also get my skincare.’ which inspired the Korres’ family to create their skincare line using their background of Pharmaceuticals, Ingredients, and Science.

“We feel very responsible for our products and product development and we do everything in house. Which is very different from what happens with most beauty brands right now, and it’s easy to find a formula from a third-party manufacturer, and you might find amazing things. For us, with our Pharmacy experience, and our ingredient experience and our scientific background, it was very important that we do the product development and the formulation in house.” (Korres).

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Author: Remy Vidal

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