Lenny Kravitz & Julian & Cody Levine, Co-Founders of TWICE, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Lenny Kravitz and the Levine Brothers, Co-Founders of TWICE. Although Lenny is most well-known as a Grammy award-winning music artist, he cares deeply for people and their health, and the power oral wellness has on the body. Julian & Cody grew up in the line of oral health care and wanted to spread awareness to others on how the mouth and body are deeply connected to the overall wellness of life. So it was from this powerful union that TWICE was born to spread innovative oral health care to all.

“TWICE was really inspired out of doing mission work. We were helping people who had never really been to the dentist, had physical pain, emotional pain around their mouth, their smile. And we were able to — at the flip of a switch — provide new confidence, energy, and life. Thus, the emotional side of dentistry struck us so deeply that we changed career paths and decided to start a better-for-you oral wellness company.” (The Levine’s).

Julian and Cody not only wanted an affordable brand but had clean ingredients that the beauty industry promotes with skin care. In addition, they wanted the mouth to be treated with the same care and understanding as the face and skin because the mouth has a connection that could make or break the rest of the body.

“If you think about the mouth as this ecosystem, an ecosystem does best when it’s balanced. Particular ingredients show up in most skin care routines for how it hydrates your skin, moisturizes, cleanses, et cetera. Still, you don’t see any of those ingredients in oral care products, and the reality is that those ingredients actually have very good benefits.” (The Levine’s).

The mission of TWICE is to not only change the way people see oral health but to allow everyone to receive the dental care they deserve. Julian & Cody want to change the lives of every person who is not as confident in their smile and see the beauty of oral health. They believe that no matter how many products they create, the greatest satisfaction they have is knowing that they have helped people one smile at a time.

“Before we had a product, we had a mission and that was really to empower people to smile inside and out.” (The Levine’s).

You can listen to the full episode here:

Authors: Remy Vidal & Jasmine Boskent

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