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2 min readMar 25, 2022


This week Ekta talks to Lizzy Pike, the Founder of Face Halo. Face Halo is stepping forward into the conversation to end single use makeup wipes.

The start-up story of Face Halo is very interesting, “Having three kids including a set of twins, Lizzy Pike, Founder of Face Halo quickly became a genius problem solver who was on the lookout for quicker, easier and better ways to do things. One evening over dinner, Lizzy and her friend shared stories of their busy lives. It was then that her friend revealed she was often too busy to remove her makeup before bed. Lizzy was shocked. Her friend was right. There was no quick, effective and safe way to remove makeup. It was tedious, too messy, and often she wasn’t sure what exactly was going on her face. Lizzy’s 15-year background in fiber technology inspired her to create a solution — a makeup remover that ticked all the boxes: effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and cost-efficient.” (

Lizzy’s background and innovation has brought the makeup and skincare industry a fantastic product. Makeup removal and skin cleanse has never been easier or more effective than it is now with Face and Body Halo.

“I noticed there was nothing in the beauty world that ticked all the boxes for removing makeup and for the body as well. Sustainability has always been a massive passion of mine, obviously looking after the planet, but looking after our skin as well. That led me towards creating Face Halo.”(Pike).

This brand has shaken the makeup removing products off the shelves, it is the gentlest, most sensitive and most sustainable way to remove makeup and deeply cleanse the skin with every wash. “It’s one of the most gentlest ways to cleanse your skin.” (Pike).

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