Ming Zhao, CEO of PROVEN Skincare, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talked to Ming Zhao, CEO of PROVEN Skincare, in an exclusive interview to discuss the brilliance of the line to the importance of skincare. Ming breaks down her difficult but beautiful journey into creating the PROVEN line and innovation of skin health behind each product. She wanted a line that would cater to the everyday consumer combining medical knowledge to break the barriers of the skin health space!

“My background is in business. I started my career as a strategy consultant and a private equity investor before going to business school and leading different technology and consumer companies. My co-founder (Dr. Amy Yuan) and I were united to found PROVEN because of our passion and love for skincare products and our frustration with products on the market that were not addressing all the multi-passive needs of various individuals.” (Zhao).

Ming knows what it feels like for a brand to promote products with little to no result. Also, the frustrations of a consumer trying to understand their skin. All this drove her to work to create such an innovative line that not only shows results but has a customizing structure catering to the everyday consumer.

“For me, I was at some point working as an investor and in finance in a foreign country, and I was working 14-hour days, nights, and weekends. And I remember, you know, distinctly waking up one day seeing myself in the mirror and then feeling like and looking like I was so withered and so sunken from this job that sort of robbed me of youth and my soul in a couple of years. Then I went on this journey to regain both my soul and my youth, and I thought it was easier to regain my soul and sense of well-being than it was to get my good skin back! Because all the products that I was trying on that market were promising miracles… Logically that makes no sense; there is not one magical product for everybody, and my experience was the same. So, after spending all this money on products on the market that were not really doing anything for my skin, I was very frustrated.” (Zhao).

Ming’s lengthy battle with her skin made her see a specialist who worked with her and formulated products specifically for her skin. Using those products gave her the difference she desired and wanted the same experience for every consumer. It pushed her desire to create PROVEN and why the line stands out from other brands on the market. Ming and Dr. Yuan work with consumers on a much more personal level to give a revolutionary skincare journey.

“After a long and continued search of trial and error, I saw a specialist who first understood my skin and my life and made a very in-depth diagnosis to get understanding. And then formulated personalized products for me, which was the only process that allowed me to see a difference in my skin. And I was like, wow, why is this experience and this level of results not available to everybody, and that is what really sparked this desire in me to create PROVEN!” (Zhao).

You can listen to the full episode here:

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