Noelle Simons, Facial Therapist and Licensed Esthetician for True Botanicals, Podcast Summary

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2 min readApr 30, 2022


This week Ekta talks to Noelle Simons, Facials Therapist for True Botanicals. Simons shares insight into what it means to be a brand focused on clean products without compromising science and innovation.

“I took the traditional approach of going to college after high school, and after a couple of years of taking general classes and not really finding anything I was in love with or passionate about, I decided to look at a bunch of Esthetician Schools that were in the area.” (Simons).

She also talks about the brand and what clean products really mean for the skin as well as overall health, Simons also shares knowledge on her experience training to be an Esthetician.

“Most states require 600 hours [for Esthetician School]. That could be done in about 6 months, if you’re going full time. The school I did was a full year of full time. You learn about so many things, like the skin, the skin layers, the functions of the skin, you have to dive into basic Chemistry and Biology. All of these things that you wouldn’t expect.” (Simons).

Simons dives into her own experience as well, sharing that it’s important to take the training wheels off at some point and dive into practicing, learning along the way is as important as learning in an educational setting.

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