Paul Wahlgren, Co-Founder & CMO of BeautyStat, Podcast Summary

Ekta sits with Paul Wahlgren, Co-Founder, and CMO of BeautyStat, in part two exclusive interview to discuss the recent move to ULTA and its growth throughout this grand opportunity. Paul consistently pushes the importance of retail service and believes that the relationship between a brand and its consumers is sacred, which is why he only wants the brand to supply not only the best products but a wonderful experience!

“One thing I think that was a good basis in my background is that I grew up in retail. I started working in retail stores at 14 years old and my first job went from 14 to 29, working within the same company in retail stores working with electronics and that was always the basis of when I got into the whole sale business. It gave me an understanding of retail and taking care of the customer and providing great service. That is one thing that has always been sort of an underline almost an instinct for me to take care of that customer.” (Wahlgren).

Paul discusses how working with scientists, especially Ron Robinson, Beauty Stat’s Founder, has opened his eyes to the importance of chemistry in skincare. He believes both retailers and science bring something unique to the table of beauty but share the same overall goal for consumers to receive the best products possible. Paul expresses his gratitude for the science community educating him on the formulation to have a better understanding of beauty not only from marketing but also from a scientific point of view.

“I think what helps is that Ron is very personal, and I think all the founders of the company all bring something different to the plate. And I think what is interesting is you know having someone like Ron and the team bring me under their wing is that they educated me on the science to a point. And what I’m good at is bridging that gap and he’s always been good at breaking it down to me and saying, ‘how can I explain this, give me a simple way I don’t wanna be too sciency on people’. And that’s what I think that’s one thing that think we have been able to communicate well.” (Wahlgreen).

Along with this beautiful line being available in ULTA stores nationwide, Paul also discusses the importance of the line being backed by science and how the brand communicates this through retail. However, they are a science-based brand. Ron, Paul, and the BeautyStat Team work tirelessly to break the gap between marketing and science!

“We are a scientific brand backed by science, but we try make it simple for the consumer to understand. And everything that we do from the beginning is safety first, consumer study and clinical study. So, by the time we put the product on the shelf we are very confident that we know the consumer has something that will make a difference.” (Wahlgreen).

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