ReVive Skincare Masterclass Part 3/3 Ft. Liz Martin, Product Development Leader, Podcast Summary

In our final masterclass with ReVive Skincare, Ekta speaks with its Founder Dr. Gregory Bays Brown, and Liz Maritn, Product Development Leader. Liz delves into the formulation of products responsible for ReVive’s tremendous success. She believes every ingredient in each product serves a purpose and expresses the importance of science in product formulation.

“The brand, as you said, is rooted in science. Every product that Dr. Brown and I conceptualized and developed has some major science in the formulation. And as we were building each formula, you know, Dr. Brown and I, in the background, spent a lot of time working with Biotech companies. Dr. Brown has tentacles in many places, universities, and Biotech companies. I have been in the industry for a very long time as well, so with my connections at raw material suppliers, some of the labs that we worked with between the two of us were always in the background trying to conceive of and develop new and interesting technologies that we can then put into each of our formulations. So, it is a true love of science both from Dr. Brown and me, and then that science translates into ‘how can it positively affect the skin’?” (Martin).

Liz and Dr. Brown are an extraordinary duo and work extremely hard to create a line that shows results and gives lifelong skin health benefits. They understand the time and determination it takes to run a brand rooted in science. Although it is not an easy task, they are always up for the challenge of continuously promoting healthy skin and for consumers to understand ingredients and their purpose.

“Well, we and Liz will speak about this, but there are a relatively large number of buzz-worth molecules that you hear about in all aspects of the skincare industry, from the drug store to high-end. There are several things like hydroponic acid, vitamin c, and niacinamide, and we try to incorporate those.” (Brown).

As Liz and Dr. Brown go deeper into the development of ReVive and the core of its products, they also express what they believe consumers should look for in the products they use. In addition, they continue to do their homework to understand the aging process in the skin and how products change these aspects, resulting in ReVive Skincare’s revolutionary results!

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