Saffron Infused Skincare ft. Anne Nguyen Oliver, Founder of House of M Beauty, Podcast Summary

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2 min readSep 23, 2022


Join Ekta for this special episode where she sits down with Anne Nguyen Oliver, Founder of House of M Beauty, to discuss her revolutionary brand, which teaches the benefits of saffron in skin health products. Also, to cater to the average consumer’s daily skin needs as she was only a mother who wanted to revive her skin after birth!

“I created the serum first, and that was for myself originally. After I had given birth, I had a lot of melasma, and my skin was also susceptible.” (Nguyen Oliver).

From there, Anne would form a serum that would not only display the uses of saffron but give tremendous results.

“As a mom, I wanted something that was one and done when it came to my skincare, and this is where the idea of highlighting the qualities of saffron came into play.” (Nguyen Oliver).

Anne is proud that the beauty industry is catering to the health of consumers’ skin needs and taking the time and research to promote simple and natural products!

“I love seeing that as an industry, we are starting to prioritize skin health, prioritize our skin barrier, and just take things slow rather than bombard our skin with actives.” (Nguyen Oliver).

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