Shani Darden, Founder of Shani Darden Skin Care, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Shani Darden, Beauty Guru and Founder of Shani Darden Skin Care. Shani discusses her approach to skincare and the do’s & don’ts of everyday beauty routine. She has always been obsessed with skincare, even as a child, though she grew up in the small town of Plattsburgh, New York, which lacked knowledge of the beauty community. As a result, Shani would break out frequently in her younger years, and although it was a struggle for her family and her community to reach a dermatologist, that only drove her not to provide all with affordable but simple skin care products.

“It’s hard to find to find a dermatologist that just does not push all these other things on you, like lasers and all these other treatments. It’s really a lot simpler than that.” (Darden).

She later moved to Los Angles, California, to expand her modeling career. Shani went on to feature in music videos, rarely did any modeling work, and quickly realized it was not her scene. Eventually, she went to work in spas and went to school to be a massage therapist and saw that it was not a good fit either. It was when she finally went on to become an aesthetician that
she found her true calling. After going through several hiring mishaps, she was allowed to work with a dermatologist. From there, her love for retinol and the creation of her line began to form. She details many of her products, such as lactic acid, and its many uses.

“Latic is my starter peel — if you come in for the first time, it’s what I can use to gauge where your skin will let me take it. I can use lactic acid on someone with rosacea, I can usually use it on someone with sensitive skin, so it’s something that is great for every skin type.” (Darden).

The core of Shani Darden Skin Care is to provide clients with not only products that show results but cater to what they want for their skin routine. Shani is very personal with each client and allows them to test their products before they work together to form a proper routine. She understands the struggles of finding skin products that work for all skin, has less product
build-up, and have clean ingredients. However, what’s important to her is for clients to love their skincare routine for its simplicity and results.

“I do think so many people nowadays are starting to realize that — people who are into skincare are starting to understand that you don’t need as many products. I feel like people are starting to get that.” (Darden).

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