Sir John Barnett, Global Makeup Artist, Podcast Summary

This week Ekta talks to Sir John Barnett, Global Makeup Artist, and Beauty Industry Icon! Sir John is mainly known for working with Beyonce and many more iconic artists. But what makes him truly stand out from other artists is his attention to color, luminance, and inclusive style.

He began his beauty journey studying the arts at the Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts and went on to work for MAC Cosmetics. He left his hometown of Buffalo, New York, days after graduating to go to Atlanta, Georgia, at just 18 years old! Sir John’s journey into makeup was entirely by accident after working with his friend, who was a model at the time.

“I got into this by accident. I’ve tried to leave makeup alone a couple of times, and it just found me. It kept coming back to me.” (Barnett).

The photographer of the photo shoot, his friend, was working for had no makeup artist, so he came in their place. From there, he went into learning all things beauty, and his journey only soras from there. Although Sir John has gone through several highs and lows, at the core, he loves people and the joy of creating artful expression through makeup.

“I love the expression of it all; I loved how many people I could meet — I love people. There are so many makeup artists; we’re really in the business of people and making people feel something.” (Barnett).

The core of Sir John’s work is not only the expression of art but to make people feel beautiful and love their appearance. But he also understands and stops the trending setting nation from controlling the beauty industry and making the people of several diversities feel inadequate. He loves the change in the beauty and fashion industry of accepting natural beauty and
understanding that we are all different and cosmetics should cater to those differences.

“I’m kind of anti-celebrity and anti-trend in a sense. Meaning I’m really about the people. So, when I say that I think we should talk directly to consumers like, hey guys, how do you want to feel, what do you want to look like, are you happy, rocking, or shaking what your mama gave you, it has nothing to do with anyone else’s look.” (Barnett).

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