“SKIN SPONGING” May Replace Micro-Needling-Micro-Spicules Are The Next Best Thing

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3 min readDec 31, 2022

By: Ekta Y., MD MBA MS

Recently. we came upon some pretty interesting studies around the science of micro needling and how the technology is adapting and changing rapidly. Interestingly enough, it led us down a rabbit hole of literature reviews and the ingredient called “microspicules” came up.

Introducing: Skin Sponging

Before we confuse you, let’s clarify that we are not talking loofa for face here. Instead it is all about the science of microscopic physical ingredients we are just now discovering for their skin benefits : micro spicules!

For those who don’t know, a mocrospicule is a naturally occurring form of a sponge that is so small that the shape of most of them resemble that of needles attached to a central ball. There is a lot of symmetry as well, for those of you wondering about the apricot scrub comparison.

With the rise of delivery system related questions in skincare, a very interesting topic often comes up: practical application.

Microbspicules provide a novel approach to towards the delivery of buzz worthy skin care stars such as growth factors and peptides. Similarly to the Micro needle patches we have all heard of, these spicules allow for the microscopic creation of channels that allow for more efficacious delivery of the aforementioned growth factors and can be easily visualized using modern day density imaging techniques for skin. In a notable study done in 2017, it was found that “ Anti-wrinkle improvement with MS-EGF was more significant and superior to the EGF alone treatment. In the study, the skin penetration ability for EGF was also larger with MS-EGF. This implied the increased anti-wrinkle efficacy of MS-EGF was due to superior skin penetration ability from the micro-spicules” (Jeong-Min et Al. 2017).

The study was able to show a significant difference in areas such as the orbicularis occuli distribution when it came to the improvement of wrinkles and “crow’s feet.”

This led us to dig further and see if this technology is being applied today. Unfortunately, although many estheticians can access the spicules, very little skincare products currently exist that are utilizing the benefits of using microspicules vs routine micro needling!

Lucky for our readers, we found one brand that seems to be doing Justice to our curiosities ;)



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