Synthetic Vs. Natural Fragrances 101 ft. Veronique Gabai, Podcast Summary

Join Ekta in this part one of our special series where she sits down with Veronique Gabai, Founder of VERONIQUE GABAI, known as the iconic master of scents, to discuss and debunk some myths about the natural and synthetic fragrances of the perfume industry.

“Naturals or synthetics can be used for different reasons. You just need to know what you’re looking for.” (Gabai).

The world of natural scents was open to Veronique in the early years of her career. Although she fell in love with using natural resources, she understands that synthetic products also hold an essential purpose and, if used correctly, can create a wonderful scent.

“The reality of synthetics is that the reasons they exist are numerous. One is because sometimes it’s much cheaper to use synthetic than using a natural. And so that could be good and bad. Sometimes we use synthetics because we cannot use naturals. For example, animal products that were used in the 16th and 17th centuries, nobody wants to use and animal biproduct today, it would be completely wrong! So, we had to find a way reproduce those products in synthetics.” (Gabai).

But regardless of whether it is natural or synthetic, there are advantages and disadvantages. Still, for Veronique and many perfumers of her caliber, it is about creating an everlasting sensation for the consumer through smell but doing it safely!

“The creative process will be about the story you want to tell. Or the sensation you want people to feel. That will be a conversation with the perfumer.” (Gabai).

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Authors: Jasmine Boskent & Remy Vidal

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