Taylor Frankel, Co-Founder of NUDESTIX and NUDESKIN Podcast Summary

Ekta talks to Taylor Frankel, the co-founder of NUDESTIX and NUDESKIN. Taylor started her
company with her mom, Jenny Frankel, who has worked with various different brands including MAC Cosmetics. Taylor talks about growing up with a mom who worked in the beauty industry and how when her mom was involved with MAC, their beauty was very artistic and full glam, which is beautiful but not attainable for everyone’s lifestyle.

“No one was talking about less is more beauty” (Taylor Frankel). She also talks about how she wanted to create a beauty line well suited for people who are working moms, students, people with full schedules and are on the go a lot. “The more you try to appeal to everybody, the less you’ll appeal to anybody” (Taylor Frankel). This speaks to the company’s ethics towards inclusivity and their easy to use and multipurpose products.

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