The Clean Beauty Movement Has Been Around Longer Than We Realize, Ft. pai Skincare

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2 min readNov 28, 2022

Joining us in this next episode is Sarah Brown, the creator, and CEO of Pai Skincare. Sarah is a leader in the field of organic skincare, having developed effective products using only natural ingredients after having struggled with problematic skin herself. Midway through her twenties, Sarah acquired Chronic Urticaria. As a final resort for her hypersensitive skin, she began creating her own formulas in her garage.

Pai was established in 2007, a period when the organic market was in its infancy and there was no such thing as clean beauty. When many others around her didn’t, Sarah was one of the earliest defenders of ethically produced and certified organic products, fervently trusting in their healing powers.

“I started to understand ingredients and it took me down this wonderful journey of the natural and organic and really helped me understand the remedial properties of plants” (Brown).

“We’re here to help others who are in real skin ruts like I was and having to navigate my own way out. That’s what we’re here to do. The whole premise is to help others get to a better and happier skin place” (Brown).

“When you are dealing with these precious beautiful ingredients that you spent so much time sousing and meticulously checking. You can’t just heat them to destruction, you have to look after them. So, I knew that you could only do that properly and really harness all of their properties by actually being very placably involved in the manufacturing presence of it. I wanted to create these great products to help people use nature” (Brown).

“It’s a scientific process of creation. The only difference is you’re using different raw materials in certain instances” (Brown).

“For us, we’re not always trying to calm skin, we’re trying to support it. I believe that products should support your skin’s natural processing” (Brown).

Sarah delves into the specifics of developing an organic and clean brand as well as the obstacles and difficulties that have arisen as this particular branch of skincare has evolved challenges that only a select few can claim to have overcome. As a true innovator in the field of “clean” beauty, PAI strives to set the bar high and establish new criteria for what is “clean.”

Written By: Yaren Ay


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