The Secret To K-Beauty: Beauty Supplements

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3 min readJan 18, 2023

Supplement purchases, particularly of “beauty supplements,” have recently increased in South Korea. The Korean skincare routine includes what you put on your skin and what you consume. Keep on reading to learn more about beauty supplements, how they function, and which ones to use!

What is the key to Korean beauty? What products do Koreans use, and what practices do Koreans adopt, to keep their skin looking young?

In Korea, people are very into inner beauty. A study was conducted by Village Pipol, a travel, Lifestyle, entertainment, technology, and news digital multimedia magazine, for some research on the subject and they believe they may be on to something. They discovered that over 70% of Koreans routinely eat nutritious foods. These include culinary items (beverages, snacks) and vitamin supplements (pills, capsules, etc.) that contain unique health-focused ingredients.

In other words, vitamin-rich products are popular among Koreans. They wish to address a number of issues in life, including development, aging, energy, digestion, fitness, and others.

The inner beauty category of healthy functional foods is popular. These are also referred to as “nutricosmetics” or “beauty supplements”.

Products from Inner Beauty have active compounds designed to target particular skin issues. These include lines and wrinkles, inflammation, acne, and more.

A popular Korean inner beauty brand is THE APRILAB. Based on its CEO, “if you walk the streets of Gangnam today, you’ll find inner beauty product ads splashed across massive electronic billboards, buses, and inside Gangnam’s bustling taxis. Every 7/11 check-out counter offers inner beauty products like collagen-filled jellies next to the usual candies and snacks. It seems like every Korean is consuming inner beauty products in 2021.”

The relationship between the regular use of beauty supplements and favorable effects on one’s appearance is supported by a sizable and expanding body of clinical research. Collagen, glutathione, and probiotics are three active components that are very well-liked in Korea. Each of these supports or assists a cellular function that can support youth or aid in the avoidance of dermatological problems.

For instance, collagen is a key element of human skin, and as we age, our natural collagen production begins to decline (beginning as early as our 20s!).

Studies indicate that we can somewhat make up for this natural decline. Collagen supplements are available for our consumption (or naturally collagen-rich foods).

An excellent place to start exploring Korean inner beauty products is THE APRILAB.

Speaking of collagen supplements, THE APRILAB sells “Time Blast,” a potent dual-action anti-aging vitamin. It also contains milk ceramides, which fight wrinkles and fine lines, and marine collagen (which protects the skin barrier).

The majority of people picture glossy, healthy hair and a clean, beautiful complexion when they think of Korean beauty. The use of topical cosmetics to create this desired image is the main emphasis of the K-beauty craze that has quickly spread throughout the West.

However, holistic skin, hair, and nail care and enhancement are the essence of Korean beauty. The Korean diet is the foundation of K-beauty. To feel and look our best, we need the right nutrition. So, eat for your body. Nourish your nails, hair, and skin. Not a thing looks or feels better.


Written By: Yaren Ay


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