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3 min readJan 7, 2022

The Skincare Anarchy Podcast is more than just a podcast about beauty and skincare, its a designated space for medical science. Ekta and brand founders walk the audiences through their safe and effective brands by explaining the true engineering and patenting while also explaining their nutrient based formulations.

Founder of KaramMD, Dr. Amir Karam, spent much of his childhood within hospitals and learned at a young age how incredibly important role that surgeons have on human life and on families. With this, he made an inspired decision to become a plastic surgeon. With the goal of helping people live renewed qualities of life. After alternating his interest in medical school, he began studying the head and neck anatomy, facial plastic surgery, and laser technology. Dr. Karam shows his dedication to the complexity and diversity of this field.”

Surgeons historically, literally from the turn of the century were lifting faces by pulling them sideways, that was our classic face lift, a sideways pull. What I recognized from that realization was thats not the way a face ages. a face ages from top to bottom, it goes downward, why are we pulling it sideways when it goes downward?”

Dr. Karam aims for natural looks, that add volume and has vertical pulls. He looks for regimens and ways to make the skin better. He went years trying to get people to follow other brands along with personalized routines but was seeing that patients were failing to follow the regimines due them having too many steps, complicated steps or expensive prices.”

To be fully transparent and maybe you can call me biased I’m also in the medical field — I really believe that you know science is a field that requires true curiosity in a human being to the most like upmost level because if you’re not that curious you’re never gonna come up with anything interesting. You’re just gonna be falling on protocols and doing the same thing for the rest your life. “On the website,, you can read about Dr. Karam’s about his 10 year journey and the cosmetic treatment he offers with the goal of restoring the human face to a youthful appearance. The surgical rejuvenation that is offered is vertical restore, vertical prevent, fat transfer, eye and lip life, and fat transfer.

For everyday skincare, Dr. Karam made KaramMD, it offers immediate changes and long term effects. “The Trifecta is the three-step system you never knew you needed. This regimen covers the entire spectrum of skincare for women and men of every age and skin type.

The cleanser, vitamin C serum, and all-in-one anti-aging cream used together provide deep cleansing, active hydration and collagen stimulation to produce a smooth, healthy, and glowing skin.”KaramMD is focused on people, not profit. All his products are formulated with all the nutrients your skin craves, and is created to be ideal for all skin types and conditions. Imagine just one set of products to enhance your skin quality on the eyes, face and neck.



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