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This week Ekta talks to Victoria Jackson, CO-Founder of Kind Science. Victoria’s journey began as a Makeup Artist, and she loved the idea of empowering women through makeup, allowing her to become one of the first lines to promote cosmetics in infomercials.

“I’m known as the Queen of the Infomercial. Informercials started in the late 80s, and I had the first line that came out in an infomercial. Everybody said, You can’t sell products on television; women need to see them and touch them and feel them. I was like, Nope! There’s away you can do it.” (Jackson).

Through her years in the makeup industry, Victoria saw that were not many makeup brands that promote foundations or bases that give the skin a natural finish. She also noticed the lack of consistency in popular products advertised in the media.

“While I was a working Makeup Artist, where I worked on hundreds of magazine covers, album covers, a lot of things you would see in the print world. I never found a base makeup that I felt was natural and was consistent with true skin tones.” (Jackson).

She then decided to take it upon herself to create her foundation line that many gravitated to as she was teaching with the product at UCLA. But she realized that many women she worked with did not understand how to use makeup products properly. So, it gave her even more reason to promote her foundation and makeup kits in infomercials and teach women about the products and their application. Victoria was beyond her time, and even now, she knows that the media has a powerful hold on how the beauty world can gain a further outreach and understanding of makeup.

“Time is catching up to where people are launching their brands digitally, and I think you can very effectively connect with the stories and the people creating these brands. These influencers and the way products are shown are like mini-infomercials.” (Jackson).

At the core of Victoria’s work is her passion for making people feel beautiful and confident in their skin and look at makeup as not a way only to hide flaws and insecurities but to accentuate the natural beauty they possess as well.

“I really became, and still own the original trademark for No Makeup, Makeup.” (Jackson).

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