Wisdom of Women Series Ft. Return Appearance by Priscila Martinez, Founder of The Brand Agency, Podcast Summary

Join Ekta in our new series special, “Wisdom of Women,” where she sits down with returning guest Priscila Martinez, Founder of The Brand Agency, to discuss her revolutionary company and its contributions to changing the game of brand management for up-and-coming young professionals!

“We are the little engine that could! We continue growing, we’re so excited! We have officially opened up a New York office. We’ve had boots in the ground in New York for a really long time with one of our VPs down there. But now we’ve officially have an office there and we’ve been hiring in New York, and we continue growing in LA.” (Martinez).

The COVID-19 pandemic hit many brands harshly, and Priscila and The Brand Agency team are no different. They had many struggles and learned how to prepare and persevere through a dark time in the industry.

“I think pandemic, took the wind out of our sales and to the industry as a whole! So, we’re back on track, we’ve been working with really amazing clients, everything from Amazon to Apple Tv Plus. On the beauty side we have done some cool things with people like Color Pop, Kind Science (Ellen DeGeneres’s skincare line) I mean the list goes on and on!.” (Martinez).

Now this tremendous firm is back and better than ever and has so much more in-store for clients and advice for young professionals looking into branding!

“I think it’s been really interesting to see how servicing different disciplines helps inform strategies for each client. And we’re constantly borrowing, you know, from what a stream service is doing that’s really innovative and bringing it to a company that is traditional beauty. And kind of mixing and matching and really thinking outside of the box. I hate that cliché but it’s so true in this instance because we’re constantly borrowing strategies for different disciplines and making magic and finding magic in that!” (Martinez).

You can listen to the full episode here:

Authors: Jasmine Boskent & Remy Vidal

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