Ziad Halub, Founder of Supper Club Skincare Podcast Summary

Ekta talks to Ziad Halub, The Founder of Supper Club Skincare. Ziad started working for a dermatologist while he was an undergraduate student and how his original major of archeology became a distant memory as he discovered his love for science and biology but mainly skincare. He wanted to develop a brand that was using very natural ingredients, and he shares that the idea came to him when he was hosting a dinner party and cooking with all these amazing herbs and natural ingredients and he asked himself what could these do to the skin and how could they be incorporated into formulas and treatments. Another big part of Ziad’s identity, like anyone, is his culture.

Ziad is Iraqi and wanted to incorporate the Arabic language onto the packaging of his products because “I want my grandmother in the Middle East to pick it up and read it and understand what it does”. He also speaks about how some people tried to talk him out of doing that but he held his ground in his belief that he wanted his own culture to experience his brand and his products and make sure they understand.

You can listen to to full episode here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7oPDPkNlT6Zr9Bv1FbW3iy?si=RG31-CGhTV-YK5NW0O72Kw&dl_branch=1

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